Just as important as procuring the right technology and proper implementation is the ongoing management and support of your data center.

NRB Telecom's team of experts manages data centers and networks for customers of all sizes and with varying degrees of infrastructure complexity. Our proven processes and state-of-the-art technology provide us with the tools necessary to limit potential issues and ensure reliability.

Flexible Data Center Management Services

Depending on your internal IT department's capacity we can offer flexible management services, providing as much or as little support as needed.

We can install and educate your technicians on how to use specific datacenter management software programs. With these programs you can gather real-time benchmarking data to gauge the effectiveness of your datacenter.

We also offer full management services for all aspects of your datacenter and network, including storage utilization, environmental conditions, power consumption and network connectivity. Our trained technicians proactively monitor your technology fleet to ensure maximum uptime and reliability.

Ongoing Data Center Support

Our objective is to gain your confidence as a trusted technology advisor, offering you the support needed to keep your datacenter operating at its peak efficiency. Our engineers possess the product expertise and technical skill required to support your data center in any capacity.

Our data center support services are completely customizable, offering you support where and when you need it. Whether it is a quick patchwork, a scheduled technology update, or a disaster recovery situation we have the tools and experience necessary to help you quickly and efficiently overcome any challenges.

Your NRB Telecom engineer can also advise you on the benefits of recently released technology products and upgrades, manage end-of-lease or end-of-life products, and help identify and resolve any small issues that may eventually cause significant failures.