About Us

NRB Telecom is a trusted name for Managed Services, Security, Cloud and Consulting services to SMB, Enterprise and Government clients.The key to our success is our ability to understand customer challenges and deliver solutions that enhance business efficiency, productivity and overall lower ICT costs. We havea network of experience and technical expertise to combine all your IT and telecommunication needs to transform the way you do business.

Statement of Values

We have built a culture of continuous improvement in everything we do by adhering to a set of values without compromise and maintaining the highest level of professionalism.

Our values

Develop and maintain close working relationships with both clients and suppliers to ensure successful delivery of customized ICT solutions.
Ensure consistent high standard work through staff accreditation, experience and good old fashioned commitment.
Be highly responsive to all client enquiries.
Take personal responsibility and accountability for everything we do.
Improve our operational efficiencies and find ways to provide better service.
Minimize risks and ensure Return on investment (ROI) for our clients.
About Us