Advanced IP network

Our state-of-the-art national IP network is defined by three key objectives: reliability, speed and security. With these objectives in mind, we built our fully meshed Cisco core MPLS network for unp.... Read More

Skills and Experience

We value skills and industry experience. We know when combined with the right attitude, things will get done - and done well. That's why we employ only high caliber people to consistently deliver h.... Read More

Customer Service

At NRB Telecom we have always focused on superior customer service. That permeates everything we do, at all levels of the company. As a trusted provider of Managed Services, Cloud, Telecommunication.... Read More

Customer Orientated Billing

Telco billing can be complex and difficult to understand, but it doesn't need to be. We believe bills must be timely, accurate, logical and customer orientated. That's why over the years, we've inve.... Read More

Unique Client Portal

NRB Telecom's Online Client Portal enables you to maintain visibility and control of all your services. With an intuitive web based interface, our Online Client Portal includes a range of features t.... Read More