POI and operator Colocation

NRB Telecom provides PoI and Data Centre facility in Bangladesh. It is a primary Point of Interconnection (PoI) for the Facility Based Operators (FBO). As per BTRC regulation, FBO such as ICX, IGW and ANS operators will be connected to this PoI for the interconnectivity. To meet the versatile interconnectivity and the optimal utilization of resources, NRB Telecom has developed sharing of passive infrastructure, transmission facility and connectivity modality with the concerned operators.           

Nationwide operators

Here in our collocation centre we facilitate all telecom operators, ICX, IGW, IIG operators a single POI for efficient and cost effective inter-connection. Available operators under our roof are enl.... Read More

MUX and ODF Installation

NRB Telecom facilitates every operator to install their own MUX and ODF (Rack mount) with sufficient space and power backup. Each cabinet avails 1+1 Kw power (from different distribution panel) for .... Read More

Managed CDR push-Pull service

NRB Telecom offers Managed CDR push-Pull service for the IGW, ICX operators toward BTRC. We have established link between our premises and BTRC office which we dedicatedly use for this service. This.... Read More