Data Center FAQs
Are extra support services such as Remote Hands and Remote Reboot available?

Yes. Whether you just need Remote Hands for a reboot or you need full-service System Administrator or Network Administrator help, NRB Telecom has the knowledgeable staff to handle your request.

Are there any additional fees?

NRB Telecom makes every effort to simplify pricing for its services. However, because it's possible for you to collocate your server with NRB Telecom, yet obtain your internet access from another provider, this introduces the opportunity for other fees. Please discuss these cross-connect fees with your NRB Telecom account executive.

Are various bandwidth plans available?

Yes. Presently NRB Telecom sells bandwidth by the 95 percentile burstable plan, a flat-rate plan based on your bandwidth cap, or a metered-bandwidth plan. Other pricing plans can always be discussed.

Do you have 24x7 On-site or on-call supports?

Yes. NRB Telecom understands the need for knowledgeable and helpful technicians. Our techs are on-site and available 24x7x365. All our techs are NRB Telecom employees, not security guards. Additionally, tier-1 IT expertise is available.

Do you offer any additional services like firewalls, managed colocation hosting, complex hosting setups, load balancing, and tape backup services?

Yes, NRB Telecom is a Technology Solution Provider. We don't just sell colocation space; we sell the knowledge and capability of our people along with the willingness to take on any challenge.

Do you offer scalable solutions such as expanding to multiple servers, cabinets, or cages? How much is additional space?

Yes. NRB Telecom offers a large range of scalability opportunities. Pricing is negotiated on a case-by-case basis and determined by many variables. Your account executive can address these questions.

Does NRB Telecom offer 24x7 access escorted or unescorted? How much advance notice do you need?

Yes. NRB Telecom presently offers unescorted access on a 24x7x365 schedule. Because our facilities are staffed and monitored continuously, we do not require any advance notice if you need access. If you require special services involving a NRB Telecom technician, advance notice allows us to prepare for your visit.

How full is your data center?

NRB Telecom recently started its data center ensuring plenty of room for new and existing customers. NRB Telecom monitors usage levels and trends and has plans in place to maintain optimal capacity and growth.

How has the facility been engineered to withstand disasters?

NRB Telecom's facility has been engineered to withstand disasters such as fires, flooding, earthquakes, power outages, etc.

How many IP addresses are provided?

NRB Telecom is equipped to offer any customized IP addressing scheme over and above our standard offering. Whatever your addressing needs are, we can handle them.

How secure is your facility?

NRB Telecom adheres to the Payment Card Industry (PCI) Security Standard. Additionally, NRB Telecom maintains multiple levels of security in the form of biometrics access systems, 24x7x365 on-site personnel, and closed-circuit video surveillance.

How secure is your network from internal and external threats?

Our network is built on hardened Cisco routers to ensure maximum security. We employ a custom Intrusion Detection System to protect our secure server network. Our firewalls are managed by security experts, while customer networks are isolated on VLANS. Your account executive will brief you on network security practices specific to your services at NRB Telecom.

What size is your data center?

NRB Telecom has approximately 6000 sq. ft. of data center space. NRB Telecom carefully evaluates growth and customer demand to ensure that our utilization rates are optimal for both our clients and the company.

Who are your bandwidth providers?

Currently NRB Telecom maintains multiple Gig-E connections to major IP carriers. The physical and logical connections to these carriers have been engineered to provide an optimized level of redundancy. Be sure and discuss the specifics of this during your facilities review and tour.

Data Center FAQs