Managed rack and space solution

NRB Telecom now offer a fully managed rack and space solution hosted within the NRB Telecom premise in Dhaka. This solution is ideal for SME, ISP and carriers that want to host their applications and equipments in a new Tier 3+ data centre but on a small scale. We provide power, IP transit, rental switch and rental server as all inclusive packaged solution. NRB Telecom supports you to start your business quickly and cost efficiently.

Dedicated Facilities Management (DFM)

Companies that require increased security resilience, higher power options or both, NRB Telecom can offer customers the choice to have their own dedicated suite in partitioned areas. With access con.... Read More

Shared Facilities Management (SFM)

A cost efficient option for companies who want the benefits of a purpose built collocation facility but only require a smaller investment into their cabinet existence for now. Choosing SFM inside N.... Read More

Server Rack Accessories

All customers have the option of installing their own cabinets into the collocation environment they choose. However, NRB Telecom also provide the option for companies to purchase cabinets and comm.... Read More

Power Supply

NRB Telecom customers will benefit from our provision of DC Telecoms -48V. As NRB Telecom work alongside selected suppliers we are able to specify, design and install DC systems based on our custom.... Read More

Maintenance and Cleaning

All NRB Telecom customers benefit from our facilities maintenance on the mechanical and electronic items inside our server rooms. The continual maintenance of the air conditioning units, sprinkler s.... Read More